Door-to-Door Sales

February 22, 2010 (63 minutes)

2015 Legal Update: Please note that recent legislation in Ontario that became effective April 1, 2015 has expanded consumer rights with regard to door-to-door sales and rentals of water heaters.  These rights are not discussed in the Door-to-Door sales webinar or the Toolkit.  For more information about these important new protections for consumers, please see the website of the Ministry of Consumer Services.

Recorded on February 22, 2010 - This webinar, presented by Margaret Capes, Legal Education Coordinator of Community Law School (Sarnia-Lambton) Inc., looks at one of the most commonly-encountered areas of unfair business practices: door-to-door sales.

While you may not find a salesperson knocking at your door with the latest and greatest vacuum cleaner anymore, the sometimes unsavoury world of door-to-door sales is still alive and well. In this webinar we learn how to recognize unfair business practices and to identify the remedies available to a consumer who is faced with such practices in the context of door-to-door sales. We look at common sales tactics and a consumer's rights with regard to door-to-door sales, including the requirements for valid contracts, required disclosures, and cancellation rights. Finally, we learn about the important protections that the Ontario Consumer Protection Act, 2002, contains for consumers in these situations and how to exercise those rights.

To view and listen to this webinar, click here or watch using the embedded player below. If you cannot see the player, you may need to upgrade to the latest Adobe Flash player. To view the webinar in Quicktime format, click here (18.4 MB).

Disability Tax Credit from CLEO Webinars on Vimeo.

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