Energy Re-billing

November 30, 2009 (80 minutes)

Please note that the information in this webinar applies to contracts made prior to January 1, 2011.  For information about contracts made after that date, please see the webinar entitled Re-billers and the Energy Consumer Protection Act 2010.

Many private energy companies go door-to-door trying to get residents to sign contracts for their services. These companies may lead consumers to believe that by signing a multi-year contract, they will save money on their heat and hydro bills. However, in some cases, it actually costs a lot more money to lock into a contract and can be difficult to get out of.

This webinar, presented by Margaret Capes, Legal Education Coordinator of Community Law School (Sarnia-Lambton) Inc., looks at how the general protections of the Consumer Protection Act, 2002 apply to energy marketers, or re-billers are they are more formally called. In addition, the Ontario Energy Board Act specifically governs energy re-billing, identifying unfair marketing practices and providing additional protections for consumers. In this webinar we:

  • identify unfair business practices as they relate to energy re-billing;
  • describe the typical approach energy re-billers take when contacting consumers; and
  • review consumer rights and remedies with regard to energy re-billing contracts, as well as where to lodge a complaint about energy re-billers.

We hope that this webinar will help consumers to recognize the need for caution if contacted by an energy re-biller, and to be better informed about their rights if they find themselves unexpectedly trapped in an unfavourable re-billing contract.

Please note that the information in this webinar covers contracts signed before January 1, 2011.


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