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Duty to Co-operate

In order to receive benefits from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), you must co-operate with WSIB and your employer. If WSIB decides that you are not co-operating without a good reason, your benefits and services may be reduced or taken away until you do co-operate. Questions asked and answered in this section of the Office of the Worker Adviser website:

  • What is My Duty to Co-operate?
  • What Must I Do to Co-operate?
  • What If My Employer and I Have Trouble Co-operating in My Return to Work?
  • How Will I Know If WSIB Believes I Am Not Co-operating?
  • If I Start To Co-operate Again, Will WSIB Pay Me the Benefits I Missed?
  • What If I Have a Good Reason for Not Co-operating?
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