Your Legal Rights is a project of CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario / Éducation juridique communautaire Ontario) and is funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario. While financially supported by The Law Foundation of Ontario, CLEO is solely responsible for all content.

Your Legal Rights benefits from the funding that CLEO receives from Legal Aid Ontario and the Department of Justice Canada.

Your Legal Rights has been developed in technical partnership with Agentic Communications.


Steps to Justice

The Steps to Justice project provides reliable and easy-to-understand online information for people in Ontario about the common legal problems they face. It builds on the extensive resources and services already found on CLEO’s Your Legal Rights website.

Starting with family, housing, and employment law, the project:

  • presents legal information in short steps
  • includes practical tools, like checklists and templates
  • links to fillable forms, self-help guides, and other process-related materials
  • offers easy access to referral information for related social and legal services

Our goal is to make Steps to Justice content available and embedded on community and legal organization websites across the province, so that people can find reliable information they need in many places – on websites that they use and trust.

Led by CLEO, Steps to Justice is a collaborative project of leading Ontario justice sector organizations, and a signature initiative of The Action Group on Access to Justice (TAG). 

Learn more at: Steps to Justice

Legal education webinars

CLEO is partnering with community organizations to deliver workshops about legal issues online. These legal education webinars are easy to take part in. Participants need only a telephone and a computer with an Internet connection. The webinars are delivered through a telephone conference call that lets participants hear the presentation, look at slides, browse websites, and ask questions using live chat. 

CLEO is looking for volunteers from community organizations to adapt their legal workshops to a webinar format. For more information, visit our Training section.

Legal clinic newsletter-sharing project

CLEO started this project to help community legal clinics in eastern Ontario share newsletter articles and promote each other's work. All legal clinics in the province are welcome to join. You can find out more at Legal clinic newsletter-sharing project.

Newsletters produced by community legal clinics are a valuable source of legal information but are usually distributed only to the local community. This project helps get this information to a wider audience.

Learn, Grow, Connect conference

In October 2008, close to 200 people from across Ontario who develop and deliver information to help their clients and communities understand their legal rights came together at the Learn, Grow, Connect conference. Participants shared information, learned from experts, and took steps towards building a practice of community legal education. Visit the conference report for more information.

Injured workers photo exhibit

CLEO has prepared an online version of a travelling photo exhibit created by Judy Kondrat, a community legal worker at Industrial Accident Victims' Group of Ontario (IAVGO).

The exhibit features injured workers and their families who tell of the many ways their lives were changed forever by a workplace accident or disease. You can view the exhibit at Injured Workers: Portraits of Life and Loss.