Family Law Duty Counsel

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If you need help with a family law issue such as child custody, support or access, family duty counsel may be able to assist you. In family cases, duty counsel advises you about family law issues, and provides information about basic court procedure. You must be financially eligible for some types of duty counsel assistance.

Family duty counsel are lawyers who can:

  • give advice about legal rights, obligations, and the court process
  • help negotiate and settle issues
  • review or prepare court documents to be filed

Family duty counsel can also provide assistance in the courtroom with:

  • child protection hearings
  • garnishment and support hearings
  • requesting adjournments
  • arguing motions
  • hearings for issues such as custody, access, or support where the issues are not complicated

Family duty counsel can also refer you to Legal Aid Ontario’s certificate program or another family law service.

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