What Do You Tell Your Clients About Facebook?

October 22, 2014
Article Source
Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company

From a Lawyers Mutual (a U.S. company) blog post: When it comes to taming that rampaging beast known as social media, the brave souls on the State Bar's ethics committee don't stand a chance.

They are doomed to forever play catch-up.

That is because technology evolves at light speed while the law moves at a more deliberate – i.e. snail-like – pace.

This is not a bad thing. After all, we don't want ethics rulings that are frantic, rushed or half-baked.

But it means that by the time the State Bar receives an ethics inquiry, researches it, discusses it in committee, solicits public comments and eventually approves a Formal Ethics Opinion, the social media landscape has most likely shifted. The original beast may well have vanished over the horizon. New and different beasts have taken its place.

The past year alone has seen the rapid rise of Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest. Twitter has exploded. Tinder and Secret are soaring.

It's hard enough just to keep up with Facebook and LinkedIn. Now add in a dozen new apps, and more on the way. And contemplate the fact that a single post or photo on any one of them can make or break your client's case – not to mention your own career.

It's enough to make you want to turn in your law license and try something new – perhaps software development.

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