Toronto mayor calls for independent review of McArthur murder case

March 7, 2018
Article Source
The Globe and Mail

Toronto Mayor John Tory says he supports holding an independent external review – such as a public inquest or a coroner's inquest – of the police force's handling of the investigation into alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur.

In an interview with The Globe and Mail on Wednesday, Mr. Tory said that after revelations that police had actually interviewed Mr. McArthur years before he was arrested in January, there were now more questions that needed answers.

"It adds to what were already a series of very important and very troubling questions, troubling to the LGBTQ community and to people looking at this," Mr. Tory said by phone from Ottawa, where he was attending a conference on gun and gang crime. "Unanswered questions are always troubling."

Last week, Mr. Tory had moved a motion at the Toronto Police Services Board calling for an internal police review, already underway, of how missing person cases were handled to be made public. But now he says more needs to be done.

"I would now go a step further and I have always believe this and by the way I think the Chief agrees, there will need to be an independent external review of both the generic question of how missing person have been handled in Toronto, but also the specific instances in this case."

Mr. Tory said he had not settled on what kind of review was needed, saying it could take one of several different forms, including a full-blown public inquiry, or a coroner's inquest.

In this case, the provincial government would have the authority to call a public inquiry, while a coroner's inquest is up to the coroner. A lower-level review, conducted by an independent third party such as a retired judge, for example, is another option, Mr. Tory said.

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