Survey on out-of-pocket costs of family law

February 27, 2018
Article Source
Access to Justice Centre of Excellence

Information from Access to Justice Centre of Excellence: We are working to better understand the financial impact of family law on people's lives. We are developing a tool for researchers and policy makers to understand all of the costs of family law, not just the court fees or lawyers bills. This tool will make it easy to look at the real costs of family law on people in different circumstances, different provinces, and different income brackets.

We are just developing this tool and are asking for your expertise to tell us if we have missed any of the major financial costs that are typical in a family process. We have developed this based on research and anecdotal feedback. Your input at this stage will ensure that the full range of financial costs will be factored in.

Who are we: This is a project of the Access to Justice Centre of Excellence at the University of Victoria. It is funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario, an independent foundation supporting access to justice initiatives. The two lead developers of this tool are access to justice strategists with legal and system experience. This project is not a part of any government or court initiative.

We do not ask for your name or geographic location, however we do ask for personal information such as your income level and personal circumstances. This will help us to better understand the real experiences of families in the court process. Your answers will be used by combining them will all of the other responses, to create a snapshot of common costs. Even though we are not collecting identifying information, we will keep the data confidential.

Read here and complete the survey: Survey on the out-of-pocket costs of family law