Statistics on domestic violence from the Ontario Ministry of Status of Women

March 6, 2018
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Ontario Ministry of the Status of Women

Statistics on domestic violence from the Ontario Ministry of the Status of Women: Domestic violence is a gendered crime...

  • Spousal violence has been consistently identified as one of the most common forms of violence against women in Canada.1
  • The majority of spousal violence victims are women, representing 83% of all victims (2007).2
  • Women are almost four times more likely than men to be victims of spousal violence (2011)3
  • More than 6% of married, common-law, same-sex, separated and divorced female spouses in Ontario report experiencing physical/sexual assault by a spousal partner (2009).4

Women experience more serious forms of spousal assault than men…


  • 4 in 10 women victimized by their spouse report being physically injured (42%), more than twice the proportion of male victims (18%) (2009).5
  • Women are three times more likely to report being beaten, choked, sexually assaulted, or threatened with a gun or knife by their partner or ex-partner (2009).6
  • Women are more likely to experience multiple victimizations, according to self-reported data (2009).7
  • Most victims of domestic homicide are female, while most perpetrators are male…
  • 95% of spousal homicide victims in Ontario are female (2011).8
  • There were 59 female spousal homicide victims in Canada in 2011, in comparison to 7 male victims.9
  • Of the homicide cases with domestic violence involvement which occurred in Ontario from 2002 to 2009, 80% of victims were women, 12% were children and 8% were men.10
  • Of the cases reviewed in Ontario’s 2011 Domestic Violence Death Review Committee Report, 88% of spousal homicide perpetrators were male while 89% of victims were female.11
  • The rate of domestic homicides against women has dropped in Canada…
  • The rate of homicides against female spouses dropped 46% from 1991 to 2011.12

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