Some Ontario voters report trouble with new machines at polling stations

June 7, 2018

Voters at a few polling stations in Toronto, Ottawa and London, Ont., reported problems with new machines being used to check voter lists and tabulate votes on election day.

The glitches were causing long lineups, slowing down the election process, voters said.

There were reports of electronic vote tabulators not working, errors in electronic databases, internet connectivity outages, and staff who were not well versed in the new machines giving long explanations on how to use ballots.

Voters in Toronto said some electronic vote tabulators were not accepting ballots at one polling station. At another polling station, one voter said some voters were leaving in frustration before casting ballots because of long lines.

One voter in Ottawa said ballots were stuffed into a bag because a machine wasn't able to tabulate votes. 

Toronto voter Scott Weir said long lines formed shortly after a Toronto Centre polling station opened at Sprucecourt Public School, near Parliament Street and Gerrard Street East, because of glitches with an electronic vote tabulator. 

Weir said no votes had been cast in the polling station as of 9:30 a.m., and there appeared to be no contingency plan. He said he would come back later because he had to go to work.

"Long long line … and no votes cast yet," Weir said in a tweet.

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