On the Radar: A snapshot of the new cannabis laws

November 5, 2018

From On the Radar: Recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada on October 17, 2018. But cannabis is still highly regulated and many activities involving it remain against the law.

This month's On the Radar looks at some of the new federal and provincial laws about recreational cannabis that apply within Ontario, with a focus on criminal law and tenants' rights.

The new laws don't change the rules about medical cannabis.

Buying, growing, and selling cannabis in Ontario

In Ontario you must be 19 or older to buy, possess, use, and grow cannabis.

For now, cannabis for recreational use can only be bought from the online Ontario Cannabis Store. And people can buy only 30 grams or less of dried cannabis at one time.

The government has said that licensed retail stores will be able to sell cannabis starting April 1, 2019.

It's now also legal to grow cannabis at home. But there can be no more than 4 plants per household and those plants must be grown using seeds from the Ontario Cannabis Store.

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