Premier Doug Ford ending Drive Clean plan

September 28, 2018
Article Source
Toronto Star

The brakes are being slammed on the controversial Drive Clean auto emissions plan. 

Premier Doug Ford announced Friday that as of April 1, the mandatory program would end for passenger cars and trucks.

Instead, the Progressive Conservative government will clamp down on big commercial polluters by enhancing the smog checks on transport trucks and other industrial vehicles. 


"By ending Drive Clean tests and repairs for passenger vehicles, this government is reducing the burden on residents and families who own a car," Ford said at a service garage on Martin Grove Rd.

"They no longer need to take time out of their days to take their vehicles in for unnecessary tests," the premier said, adding the government will save $40 million a year.

That’s because the previous Liberal government eliminated the $30 test fees last year, but Queen's Park still had to foot the tab.

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