New support group for injured workers in Chatham

March 12, 2018
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Union, non-union and migrant workers now have a support group to assist them if they're dealing with a workplace injury.

A launch took place on Thursday in Chatham, hosted by Unifor Local 127, with a number of speakers slated to give presentations.

Although Unifor hosted, the group involves the efforts of multiple organizations, said Local 127 president Nicole Grainger.

She said the main focus is to defend the rights of injured workers and provide a safe space for them to come together for support and information.

This includes bringing together a broad coalition of workers, activists and advocates.

“I think it's very important,” Grainger said. “We have a lot of cases for compensation.

“We wanted it to be open to migrants, and non-unions and unions.”

Thursday's meeting featured speakers from across the province, including members of the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups, Chatham-Kent Legal Clinic, IVAGO Community Legal Clinic, and Injured Workers Consultants Community Legal Clinic in Toronto.

Also slated to attend was Derry McKeever, an advocate for migrant workers, as well as Maegan Greenwood, an injured worker who Grainger called a driving force behind the support group.

“We're trying to facilitate any needs,” Grainger said.

Meetings will take place at 405 Riverview Dr. in the lower level Harwich Room. For further information, or to register, email

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