Legal Assistance of Windsor program helps human trafficking victims get back on their feet

January 17, 2019
Article Source
Windsor Star

It took years for Victoria Morrison to finally break free from her abuser and escape an ugly life in Winnipeg where she was trafficked in the sex trade world.

The 26-year-old Windsor woman finally found the strength to return home, but she needed a variety of supports from several agencies to get back on her feet and start a new, healthier life.

“After such a long time being trafficked, I was trying to get my life back,” Morrison said. “I was coming back here with nothing. I have some support of family, but they couldn’t help me with everything in the ways I needed.”

She first turned to WEFIGHT, a project at Legal Assistance of Windsor designed to aid those fleeing a life of human trafficking by first providing shelter, then counselling services, plus covering basic food and clothing necessities.

“I became a client last August,” Morrison said. “They helped me get to House of Sophrosyne’s 35-day (addiction) program. Then helped me get an apartment and certain things I needed like cleaning supplies, bedding and dishes.”

The young woman spoke of countless other victims caught in the sex trade world as escorts or dancers, many who are under someone’s thumb in a web of physical abuse and addictions.

“People might think things are normal for a dancer or escort because they are making money and they are okay,” Morrison said. “But a big portion of the women are forced to do it. A lot of people don’t see the signs — or don’t want to see them. Abusers go after girls because, unfortunately, there is a lot of money involved in that type of business.

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