Hamilton senior says LHIN bullying her to put husband in long-term care 'dump'

January 16, 2019
Article Source
Hamilton Spectator

Nursing homes are just "waiting to die" places as far as Elizabeth Loades is concerned.

So she doesn't want to put her husband Peter in one, despite what she describes as being bullied by Hamilton's Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) to do so after he was hospitalized.

Elizabeth, 68, says she is overwhelmed at the pressure to put her husband of 50 years into a facility she calls "a dump."

If she doesn't put him in, she's been told his name will go off a waiting list for home care support — a list she felt pressured to put him on in the first place, she says.

And she has also been told by LHIN it might not approve home care that Peter had previously, before he went into hospital, she says.

The stressful situation started in early December when Peter, who has dementia, wished to go for a walk like he often does with his personal support worker (PSW), Elizabeth says.

Elizabeth, who has two bad knees, explained to Peter that he had to wait for his PSW to come. But Peter, 74, "got a little violent" and Elizabeth had to call the Hamilton Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST) and enlist their help, she says.

Peter was taken to St. Joseph Hospital's psychiatric ward and while there, fell and broke his femur. He is still in hospital, but Elizabeth says he will soon be transferred to a rehabilitation place.

Elizabeth believes she can still manage to care for Peter with the help of a PSW — as she did for six years before Peter was put in hospital.

A LHIN staffer has been "obnoxious to me for changing my mind" on putting Peter in a nursing home.

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