Hamilton rent strikers face landlord at Landlord and Tenant Board

August 9, 2018
Article Source
Hamilton Spectator

Residents of Stoney Creek Towers facing eviction for withholding rent during an ongoing strike have settled some cases before the provincial tribunal that handles tenant-landlord disputes.

On Tuesday, 11 tenants with notices from landlord InterRent and property manager CLV were accompanied by a roomful of supporters at the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Most of the residents had been issued L1 forms, applications to evict for not paying rent and collect amounts owing, and L9s, which are only to collect rent.

"They took a few tenants off strike and wiped out a certain amount of our strike fund," said Campbell Young, an organizer with the Hamilton Tenants' Solidarity Network.

The network has been collecting donations to cover the cost of $190 filing fees tenants must pay when appearing before the tribunal.

Participating has fluctuated but Young said about 100 households remain on strike. "We've got really solid numbers this month."

The tenants started the rent strike May 1to stave off the landlord's proposed above-guideline increases (AGIs) of nearly 10 per cent and demand repairs to individual units.

Many are immigrants, who in some cases struggle with English, and older residents on fixed incomes.

The tenants maintain the increases aren't justified, an argument the landlord rejects, saying it's following the province's rules for AGIs.

InterRent bought Stoney Creek Towers, near Eastgate Square, in late 2015 for $51 million from DiCenzo Management.

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