Fix Canada's legal system

July 12, 2018
Article Source
Toronto Star

From an editorial in the Toronto Star: It's been two years since the Supreme Court of Canada imposed strict time limits on criminal trials, citing a "culture of complacency" among governments that has left the justice system underfunded and under-reformed for too long. 

Since then people charged with child abuse, murder, manslaughter, sexual assault against minors and many other horrible crimes have been set free, their guilt untested, when their cases dragged on for too long.

You would think that would have spurred the federal and Ontario governments into the action the Supreme Court had in mind when it imposed deadlines of 18 months for cases before provincial courts and 30 months for superior courts.

But as a series of articles this week by the Star;s Jacques Gallant makes clear, governments are still dragging their feet when it comes to making even the most elemental changes to an archaic and systemically unfair system.

This has to change. Otherwise Canadians will, understandably, lose faith in an underfunded, unfair justice system that may too often be freeing the guilty and jailing the innocent.

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