February 13: Show love for Tim Hortons workers and workers' rights!

February 9, 2018
Article Source
Workers' Action Centre

Information from Workers' Action Centre: The Canada-wide action in support of workers at Tim Hortons was a huge success on January 19 with over 52 actions across the country! Thousands of customers and workers came out to support workers facing cutbacks on meal breaks, hours, benefits and other labour conditions. The Fight for $15 & Fairness is now inviting all of you to take part in an action on Tuesday, February 13 to show that our love for workers wronged by Tim Hortons is still strong. If the Tim Hortons parent company thinks we will forget about fairness for workers while they stay silent on the issue, they can think again. Will you join us on February 13? It’s going to be a great action – already, there are more than 70 visits to Tim Hortons planned just in Toronto alone!

We are also ready to call out other businesses that are using the $14 minimum wage as an excuse for cutbacks and for raising prices to increase profits. Many big name restaurants are using tip outs from their lowest paid workers to cover minimum wage increases, as you can see in this Marketplace news clip. While this form of wage theft isn’t new to servers, it is especially shameful of employers to increase the percentage of tip outs in the wake of a minimum wage hike meant to move us toward income equality. We know these companies can afford to do better by their workers.

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