Family Law Disputes in Ontario: Court is Only the Tip of the Iceberg - May 23, 2018

May 18, 2018

Brought to you by the Ontario Bar Association: When people hear divorce, they think of courts and trials. But only 5% of all court cases even make it to trial...where do the other 95% go? Join Family Lawyer and Mediator Sina Hariri as he explores family law disputes from the lens of the court system, the lesser known alternatives to court and the many supports available to parties going through separation or divorce. Sina Hariri is a sole-practitioner and owner of Hariri Law, a firm specializing in Family Law, Mediation, and Unbundled Services. A program of the Ontario Bar Association Speakers Bureau. NOTE: This is strictly and solely an information session and is not meant as, nor does it constitute, legal or professional advice.


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Event Information:

When: May 23, 2018

Where: Newmarket Library : 438 Park Avenue, Newmarket, L3Y 1W1 · Newmarket, ON

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