Families sue Ontario long-term care providers over 'disgusting' neglect

May 3, 2018
Article Source
CTV News

From a CTV News article: WARNING: This story contains graphic details and images.

Their stories are horrific.
A man pitted with gaping bedsores, one even revealing bone. A woman left writhing in agony on a washroom floor with a broken ankle after being told to "clean up her own mess." Another woman with a festering leg wound filled with wriggling maggots.
All of these shocking scenes were the result of neglect by two major Ontario nursing home providers, two new proposed class-action lawsuits allege.
"This is not a one-off scenario. These problems are pervasive," lawyer Amani Oakley, who is leading both lawsuits, told CTV News.
"We are alleging that there is a systemic negligence going on, that there is a failure to deliver the kind of care that's been promised."
The landmark lawsuits, which are believed to be the first of their kind in Canada, target two industry giants: Extendicare and Leisureworld Senior Care Corporation, which was recently rebranded Sienna Senior Living. They're seeking $150 million each.
"We're saying that on a systemic basis, the care is not being delivered," Oakley said.
"There is negligence throughout theses organization and there is a breach of fiduciary duty, so there is a breach of the promise that these people are actually buying into, which is our family is going to be looked after."

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