CLEO's new 'how to' resource: Using social media effectively

May 4, 2017
Article Source
PLE Learning Exchange Ontario

CLEO's Centre for Research & Innovation is pleased to launch our newest "how to" public legal education and information (PLE) resource.

"Using social media effectively" - Module 4 of our PLE Toolbox - helps you extend the reach of legal information by using social media. It provides tools that you can use to: 

The PLE Toolbox shares information and practical tips about good PLE practices with community and legal workers. Module 1 focuses on helping your clients find good legal information and legal help. Module 2 focuses on helping you develop clear print and online content. Module 3 focuses on helping you create and deliver a PLE workshop.  

Check out our PLE Toolbox today. In the months to come, we plan to evaluate our current Toolbox modules to decide whether we should continue to develop more of this content in future. We'd love to hear your thoughts - what works, and what could we improve?