CLEO is seeking newcomer interviewees for legal information podcasts

July 6, 2018
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PLE Learning Exchange Ontario

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) is creating podcasts to help newcomers in Ontario understand when a problem they face has a legal element and what they can do, with help from a Ryerson University Masters' program. We would like to speak with newcomers who have encountered a legal problemrelated to housing or employment, such as a problem with their landlord or their work arrangements.

Each episode of the podcast series will feature brief interviews with a newcomer who has tried to to deal with alegal problem related to their housing or their work. Some of the concerns they share will then be addressed by interviews with legal experts.

The podcasts will be used in adult classroom settings to help reach newcomers in Ontario who are learning English or improving their English skills. They will also be more widely available through CLEO's and others' websites.

If you are interested in participating in the podcast, you must be willing to have your interview made publicly available. We do not need to use your real name in the podcast. If you agree to participate, we will conduct a 20-minute interview at Ryerson University, located in downtown Toronto.

After the interview, we will then select a 5 minute clip from the interview to feature in the podcast. We will check with you as to whether you approve the selection we have made, before including it in our podcast.

We expect that your participation would take 2 to 3 hours of your time, over a 4 month period.

If you are interested, please contact Meera Govindasamy by email at

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