CELA's May 2018 Bulletin

May 31, 2018

This issue of the Canadian Environmental Law Association bulletin has articles on the Pickering licence renewal, Canada-E.U. free-trade agreement, lessons from Walkerton, and more.

Articles include:

  • Weighing in on the Pickering nuclear station licence renewal
  • Evaluating Bruce Power's emergency and environmental protections
  • Analyzing Canada's free-trade agreement with the E.U.
  • Submission on current state and future needs of national energy data
  • Critiquing Canada's proposed Impact Assessment Act
  • Intervention on s18 EPA authority to address off-site contamination
  • Presentations from the 2018 LIEN conference
  • BLOG: Lessons learned from the Walkerton Tragedy
  • Calling for increased protection of the Great Lakes

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