Canadian Environmental Law Association's December 2017 Bulletin

December 21, 2017

Topics in this issue include reform of Environmental Bill of Rights, neonics, calling for ban on chlorinated antimicrobials, Canada's nuclear regulator, amended blue box plan, and more.

Articles include:

  • CELA email phished...please proceed with caution!
  • Calling for a proper reform of the Environmental Bill of Rights
  • Ottawa must reconsider banning all neonics: coalition
  • Annual Report 2017
  • Calling for comprehensive bans on chlorinated antimicrobials
  • CELA on CTV's Your Morning - nuclear emergency planning
  • Requesting greater oversight from Canada's nuclear regulator
  • Providing feedback on an amended blue box plan
  • Post-mortem on dead ethanol refinery on Lake Ontario
  • People's Great Lakes Summit 2.0: Planning Policy Action
  • Are we prepared for nuclear emergencies in Ontario?
  • Indigenous Canadian drinking water crisis

On the CELA blog

  • Reducing road salts use in Ontario
  • People's Great Lakes: Heal, Connect & Protect
  • 48 groups demand action on Environmental Bill of Rights reform

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