February 14 Video Conference and Webcast: Elder Abuse and the Legal Duty (or not) to Report

January 19, 2012
Article Source
Elder Abuse Ontario (EAO)

Health and social service providers and, in fact, seniors and the public in general want and need to know what to do if they think a senior is a victim of elder abuse. In this session presented by Judith Wahl, participants will hear about:

* How they can help a senior, who may be a victim of elder abuse, to address the abuse or potential for abuse.


* What duties they may have as service providers, or as individuals, to report potential abuse to a third party for response.


* If there is a duty, what are the circumstances that triggers this duty, who do they report to and how to do the report.

 If there is a duty,  what to report, what happens when a report is made, what happens if one fails to report.


* If there is no required legal duty to report, what codes of ethics or professional conduct for various professions say about providing assistance to victims of elder abuse.


* Whether or not there is a duty to report to a third party, what options to respond to or to prevent further abuse are there in various types of abuse scenarios.


* How privacy law affects (or not) the options for response to elder abuse.

Event Information:

Date February 14, 2012
Time 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Where Sunnybrook Health Centre OR Online
Presenter Judith Wahl, Advocacy Centre for the Elderly

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