7 ways to help refugee girls go to school

March 8, 2018
Article Source
UNHCR Canada

Information from UNHCR: Today is International Women's Day and to mark this, we would like to introduce you to eleven-year-old Nur Kalima who is a Rohingya refugee studying at the UNHCR-funded school, in Kutupalong refugee camp, Bangladesh. Her long-term ambition is to complete a PhD in English.

UNHCR believes that access to education is a fundamental human right. Yet, millions of refugee girls are not as lucky as Nur.

Our latest report “Her Turn” reveals that refugee girls at secondary level are only half as likely to enrol in school as their male peers.

Social and cultural conventions often result in boys being prioritised over girls to attend school. Poor facilities such as a lack of appropriate toilet facilities and menstrual supplies can block refugee girls’ access to schools.

UNHCR’s report highlights 7 ways to help refugees girls go to school.

Watch the video: 7 ways to help refugee girls go to school