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The Caledon Institute of Social Policy is a private, nonprofit organization supported by the Maytree Foundation and located in Toronto.

According to their web site, "The Caledon Institute of Social Policy does rigorous, high-quality research and analysis; seeks to inform and influence public opinion and to foster public discussion on poverty and social policy; and develops and promotes concrete, practicable proposals for the reform of social programs at all levels of government and of social benefits provided by employers and the voluntary sector. Caledon's work covers a broad range of social policy areas including income security (e.g., pensions, welfare, child benefits, Employment Insurance, benefits for Canadians with disabilities), community capacity-building, taxation, social spending, employment development services, social services, disability supports and health."

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We Are All Disabled

A rapidly aging population and the fast-rising incidence of chronic disease mean we are all disabled, or likely will be at some point in our lives, and we should plan for that: Sherri Torjman, Caledon Institute.

August 14, 2015

People's Review Panel: Getting the Ontario Social Assistance Review issues straight from people with lived experiences of poverty

The Caledon Institute has release a report on the activities of the People's Review Panel, composed of 18 members from across Ontario who will provide input into Ontario's Social Assistance Review.

January 10, 2011

Report: A Basic Income Plan for Canadians with Severe Disabilities

The Caledon Institute of Social Policy has published a report which describes the current situation facing Canadians with severe disabilities and sets out a detailed plan to revolutionize income support and services.

November 09, 2010