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The Ombudsman is an independent officer of the Legislature who investigates complaints from the public about Ontario government services.

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Abolish indefinite segregation: Ombudsman

The Ontario Ombudsman has urged Correctional Services to abolish the practice of placing inmates indefinitely in segregation and develop alternatives to protect the rights of the vulnerable.

May 10, 2016

Ombudsman begins taking complaints about school boards September 1

The new law, passed in December 2014 with staggered dates for implementation, extends Ombudsman scrutiny to the broader public sector for the first time in the office's 40-year history. 

August 31, 2015

Ombudsman to investigate Ontario direction to police on de-escalation

The Ontario Ombudsman has announced he will investigate the direction given police by the Community Safety and Correctional Services for de-escalating conflict situations.

August 23, 2013

Ontario Ombudsman to investigate monitoring of unlicensed day cares

Ontario Ombudsman André Marin has announced he will conduct an investigation into how the Ministry of Education responds to complaints and concerns relating to unlicensed daycare providers.

July 16, 2013

New legislation will replace G20 'secret law,' as first recommended in Ombudsman's report

The Ontario government has tabled legislation to replace the controversial Public Works Protection Act, as first recommended by the Ontario Ombudsman in his report, "Caught in the Act."

April 11, 2013

Ontario Ombudsman to investigate province's services for adults with developmental disabilities in crisis

Several desperate families have complained their loved ones risked being sent to homeless shelters or jail because there was nowhere to care for them.

December 04, 2012

Ontario's Ombudsman: Opening up the MUSH sector to oversight

The Ontario Ombudsman's annual report says that with respect to the MUSH sector - municipalities, universities, school boards, hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, police, and children's aid societies - its authority is the most limited in Canada.

February 23, 2012