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There's a 'noticeable increase' of hate crimes in Mississauga and Brampton, report says April 19, 2018
Too many Indigenous women are in prison—but sentencing flexibility will help June 08, 2018
How Toronto landlords use renovictions to force out tenants August 31, 2018
Pleading guilty when innocent: A truth for too many Indigenous people May 25, 2018
For richer or poorer: Sharing CPP with a spouse at divorce means never getting it back June 25, 2018
Steps to Justice now has information on unionized workplaces and the duty to accommodate July 05, 2018
New edition: Taking time off work - For new and expecting parents March 21, 2018
New and Revised CLEO Publications - August 21, 2018 August 21, 2018
Rogers broke promise on credit check, lawsuit claims December 11, 2017
Canada's test-tube baby regulations need to be rewritten, critics say July 26, 2018
Indigenous spiritual practices are protected under Ontario's Human Rights Code June 21, 2018
Hundreds in Sudbury facing hydro disconnection as bills pile up during winter ban May 02, 2018
A Find at Gap: Steady Hours Can Help Workers, and Profits April 03, 2018
Ontario bill with vast human rights protections at risk of dying October 24, 2017
L'Arche London opens new Gathering Place for people with intellectual disabilities September 18, 2017
Information for tenants being pressured to leave their homes June 08, 2018
CELA's June 2018 Bulletin June 29, 2018
Injured worker, advocates want to hear election talk on WSIB June 04, 2018
Cellphone tracking has been used in at least 1 Canadian mall, former employee says August 08, 2018
Ontario election campaign brings focus on nearly 2 million people living in poverty May 22, 2018