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Ontario could soon make it more difficult for parents to refuse vaccinations for their children May 17, 2016
Helpline launches for Aboriginal women in Northern Ontario November 22, 2012
Bold steps on social assistance reform in Ontario Budget 2016, but incomes still grossly inadequate: ISAC February 26, 2016
Most common Landlord and Tenant Board applications can now be filed online July 21, 2015
What's in the new Housing Services Act? January 31, 2012
October 26: Conference on Civil Actions against the Police October 07, 2013
Battered woman syndrome in Canadian law August 27, 2013
Ryan Peck, head of HALCO, wins 2016 Sidney B. Linden Award January 10, 2017
Verbal threats as workplace violence: The effects of Bill 168 are starting to show December 14, 2011
February 14 Video Conference and Webcast: Elder Abuse and the Legal Duty (or not) to Report January 19, 2012
Le Plaideur - Volume 6, Printemps 2012 May 02, 2012
Poverty law as threatened as the poor by Ontario austerity measures June 20, 2012
How Ontario disinherits children in second marriages: Cohn May 11, 2016
MP proposes bill to repeal controversial Section 13 of human rights act November 17, 2011
Migrant farm workers invoke Charter rights in lawsuit December 08, 2011
May 6: Landlord and Tenant Law 101 March 27, 2013
March 28: Access Without Fear interactive workshop for service providers March 19, 2013
Ontario introduces bill to protect citizens, groups from frivolous lawsuits June 05, 2013
ODSP may be downloaded to municipalities March 06, 2013
Free Connect Legal Seminars: Legal Issues for Small Business July 03, 2013