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Permanent Residence Changes for Caregivers February 08, 2018
Lawyers pan minister's response to legal aid study March 19, 2018
At divorce and separation time, the children want to be heard June 07, 2018
Circles of support for high-risk sex offenders deserve funding: Corrections investigator April 22, 2015
Bill C-75 reforms too little, too late to respond to domestic violence April 24, 2018
Prostitution law consultations find little consensus among police April 03, 2014
Public arrests deny presumption of innocence February 23, 2015
There is a prescription for poverty's punishing impact on health in Ontario November 16, 2017
As refugee numbers surge, federal legal aid funding shrinks April 03, 2017
Refugee health-care advocates criticize government lack of action January 21, 2015
21 February: Reflections on rights: James Anaya speaks on Indigenous Peoples and human rights February 13, 2018
Justin Trudeau: legislation, apology, coming for past wrongs against LGBTQ community June 15, 2017
The crisis of workplace violence against women September 28, 2017
Supreme Court quashes Harper government’s tougher sentencing rules April 11, 2014
Three Ontario cities to test basic income in three-year pilot project April 24, 2017
May 26: Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney & Estate Planning, Kingston May 09, 2018
Equal pay for equal work: New rules in effect April 1 March 28, 2018
Safe Streets Act to be challenged in court June 23, 2017
May 3: Windsor Lunch and Learn: Clients with legal questions? CLEO can help. April 13, 2018
New federal law in the works that would limit police spying on journalists June 13, 2017