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I have to bring my car in for repairs, but I'm afraid of getting ripped off. What are my rights? September 21, 2011 4,722
I think there might be a mistake in my credit report. What can I do? September 30, 2011 4,969
I’m not allowed to visit my friend who lives in a nursing home... September 21, 2011 5,168
My refugee protection hearing is coming up. What should I bring to it and who should come with me? October 01, 2014 5,226
What can I do to improve my credit rating? April 05, 2013 5,561
I got my car fixed but three weeks later it won't run and the garage refuses to fix it... April 05, 2013 5,614
I am applying for refugee status in Canada. I think I need a lawyer with me at my hearing but I have no money. What are my options? October 01, 2014 5,625
My high school hockey team was invited to a championship tournament in the United States. But I have a youth criminal record – can I still go to the tournament? June 02, 2014 5,749
My refugee protection hearing is coming up soon. What will the hearing be like? How should I deal with the questions I am asked? October 01, 2014 6,160
Who can I call if I have any questions about elections or voting? October 05, 2011 6,295
I was in a fight at school and the principal says I might be expelled. What does that mean? September 21, 2011 6,305
I came into Canada as a visitor but I am afraid to go home because of things that happened to me in my country. Will I be allowed to stay in Canada? September 21, 2011 6,443
I missed my refugee protection hearing. What should I do now? October 01, 2014 6,485
My neighbour just told me that he is a victim of identity theft. What is identity theft, and how can I avoid becoming a victim? April 05, 2013 6,719
How can I avoid being taken advantage of when I bring my car in to be fixed? May 13, 2014 6,804
I was charged with a crime and my parents are paying for a criminal lawyer to help me fight the charges. Since I’m a minor and my parents are paying, can my parents find out what I tell the lawyer? June 02, 2014 6,884
I contacted my local Ontario Works (OW) office about getting social assistance but they told me I would not qualify. Is there anything I can do? September 02, 2011 7,113
My gym sent a renewal notice and I ignored it. Do I still have to pay? September 30, 2011 7,276
My former partner lives on a First Nation reserve but I don’t live there anymore. We have a custody and access order that says our children are supposed to live with me and visit him every other weekend... May 26, 2014 7,351
My child is charged with a criminal offence. Does he have the right to go to school until his trial? September 21, 2011 7,508
I ordered something online and it still hasn't arrived 2 months later... September 30, 2011 7,552
I signed up for an online dating service. Do I have to pay the initiation fee? April 05, 2013 7,664
I have a poor credit report. What should I know about credit repair companies? April 18, 2012 7,817
I am 15 and have been charged with a crime that isn't serious. Can I do community service instead of going to court? October 27, 2011 7,819
My spouse owns the home we have been living in, which is on her First Nation reserve. Do I have any rights to it now that we have separated? May 26, 2014 7,820
I’ve been stopped by police while walking home from my high school. They’ve always let me go in the past, but what if they won’t? Who can I call if the police arrest me or won’t let me go? June 23, 2014 7,868
A collection agency has called me many times, even after midnight when we're all asleep. Are they allowed to do this? September 21, 2011 7,977
I have been named as a "Respondent" in a human rights application. What should I do? July 24, 2012 7,986
I just got the final bill for my kitchen renovation and it is 25% over the original written estimate. What are my options? September 30, 2011 8,546
Are there any rules about how much interest a payday loan company can charge? September 30, 2011 8,636
I have a youth record for shoplifting that happened last year. What does it mean that my youth record is open? June 02, 2014 8,658
My child has a learning disability. What steps should I take to make sure she receives special support from the school? September 30, 2011 8,704
How can I avoid being taken advantage of by credit repair or debt settlement agencies? October 23, 2013 8,770
I suspect my elderly neighbour is being abused and neglected by her son and daughter-in-law who live with her. What can I do? September 21, 2011 8,936
When I tried to register my son for school, they asked me for immigration papers... September 21, 2011 8,952
Our Community Care Access Centre has cut back my mother's care. Is there anything I can do? October 05, 2012 9,027
I have been the victim of an assault. Can I apply to the government for compensation? October 05, 2011 9,091
What can happen to me if I complain about home care services from a CCAC? October 04, 2011 9,125
What health coverage is there for refugee claimants in Ontario? February 06, 2014 9,133
Does Gladue apply to bail or sentencing for any crime committed by an Aboriginal person? October 05, 2011 9,420
My mother signed a contract with a salesman at the door, and she wants to get out of it. What can we do? April 15, 2013 9,850
I am married but my spouse is not living with me. Can I apply to Ontario Works (OW) for social assistance on my own? September 02, 2011 9,908
What are the different routes available to adopt a child in Ontario? November 18, 2013 10,008
I have been charged with an assault. I am not a Canadian citizen. What should I do? September 21, 2011 10,273
As a consumer, I think I have been the victim of unfair practices. What can I do? October 08, 2014 10,751
A customer paid me with a cheque that bounced. Can I sue him in Small Claims Court? September 21, 2011 11,009
I lived most of my life in another country before coming to Canada. Can I still collect Old Age Security when I retire? September 21, 2011 11,399
I have applied for refugee status in Canada. What kind of evidence do I need to support my claim and how do I gather it? October 01, 2014 12,305
Can I cancel a pay day loan agreement? April 18, 2012 12,434
I am applying for ODSP. How will the health information I provide be used? September 21, 2011 12,710
What if a claimant is unsuccessful at their refugee protection hearing? July 04, 2013 13,054
I have been contacted by a collection agency about a debt that I do not owe. What can I do? April 18, 2012 13,133
I heard from a friend that the police want to talk to me about a house party I went to with my friend. What happens if the police think I've committed a crime? July 13, 2014 13,878
How can I cancel an energy contract? September 21, 2011 14,072
What should I do if I suspect my neighbour's children are being abused? October 05, 2011 14,862
What are my rights when I rent or buy a hot water heater? April 20, 2015 15,384
What is a Power of Attorney? September 21, 2011 17,238
What is a "living will"? Should I have one? September 21, 2011 18,412
Can I sponsor a family member to come to Canada? September 17, 2014 18,764
What is the eviction process for housing co ops? June 04, 2014 19,398
What are my rights when I buy or lease a used car? January 16, 2015 19,622
Can I work and still get income support from Ontario Works (OW) or the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)? October 08, 2014 24,511
I want to get an HIV test but I don't want to give my name. What are my options? October 04, 2011 37,097
What are the rules about reporting elder abuse? June 19, 2013 41,019
Can a gift card "expire"? October 11, 2011 53,817
When I came to Canada, I claimed refugee status at the airport. I was given a Basis of Claim Form to fill out. What are the rules about when and how to file it with the Immigration and Refugee Board? October 01, 2014 56,780
Can a doctor keep someone in the hospital for psychiatric assessment against their will? October 04, 2011 64,824
My apartment is too hot. Do I have a legal right to air conditioning? May 06, 2015 97,086
What reasons do landlords need to evict someone? January 15, 2014 116,355
How can a refugee lose their status in Canada? June 18, 2014 152,367
What are my options if I can't afford a lawyer? October 05, 2011 175,537