Applying for refugee status in Canada is complicated. This website has only basic information about the refugee hearing process. It is important to try to get legal help. Refugee lawyers know the laws that apply to your case and the rules that must... More
Make sure you bring all your original documents with you. Also bring any envelopes in which documents were sent to you. If you have evidence that you did not file before the deadline, bring it to the hearing. You will have to explain why you could... More
Try to get documents that can help prove your case. Talk to your lawyer about what kind of documents you can get and make every effort to get those documents right away. Make a note of every phone call, email, fax, letter, or any attempt you make to... More
CLEO has produced a resource called "Your Refugee Hearing" where you can find a virtual hearing room. In this resource, you can see a drawing of what a typical refugee hearing room looks like, who is likely to be there and each person’s role during... More
If you do not go to your refugee protection hearing, the Board will hold a special hearing. You can find the date of your special hearing on the Notice to Appear for a Hearing that you were given at your eligibility interview. The date will be no... More