I am applying for ODSP. How will the health information I provide be used?

I have been given a Disability Determination Package that has to be completed because I am applying to the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) for income support. How will the information in the completed forms be used?

The Disability Adjudication Unit (DAU) of the Ministry of Community and Social Services will use it to decide whether you are a person with a disability. The DAU will not interview you or examine you. It is important that the health professionals completing forms for you include all the essential information.

There are resources to help doctors and other health professionals complete these forms.

Resource notes: 

West End Legal Services of Ottawa has also produced a set of presentation slides prepared for mental health professionals regarding Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) applications. For more information see: ODSP Applications: A Presentation for Information for Health Professionals

For general information on applying for ODSP see Disability Benefits in Ontario: Who can get them, How to apply

For more information on other income assistance or welfare programs in Ontario visit our Social Assistance and Pensions section.

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