Our Community Care Access Centre has cut back my mother's care. Is there anything I can do?

I have been caring for my very ill mother at home for several weeks since she was discharged from the hospital. Our Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) was providing personal support workers to help care for her for 24 hours a week, but now the CCAC has cut that back to 12 hours a week. We've talked to the case manager about it but she told us they can't give us more than 12 hours. Is there anything we can do?

Yes, first your mother can try to get the decision changed by following the CCAC's complaints process. Every CCAC is required by law to have one. Start by asking the case manager for a written explanation of their decision and a copy of the complaints process.

If following the complaints process doesn't work, your mother can appeal to the Health Services Appeals and Review Board (HSARB). This Board has the power to change the CCAC's decision. Contact the HSARB to find out how to start the appeal, and to get a copy of the Rules that apply to the appeal process. Your mother does not need a lawyer for this process but it is a good idea to have one if possible.

This answer is taken from CLEO's October 2012 edition of On the Radar.

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