Immigration, Women and Violence: Making a Claim on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

Women who don’t have legal immigration status in Canada may have a close relationship with a child in Canada; and/or they are affected by violence, either in Canada or in their country of origin.  These situations make an application for...


Minister hopes national standards will stop sexual violence on campuses

The federal minister for women and gender equality will meet Wednesday in Montreal with a newly appointed advisory committee tasked with developing a blueprint for how Canada’s colleges and universities should prevent and respond to gender-based...


She was grabbed, endured sexual taunts and followed into the washroom. The WSIB says this wasn't workplace harassment

The presence of "pin-up girls and scantily clad models" throughout a workplace is "unprofessional," but is not bullying or harassment.
The use of "sexually explicit language" to and about "women and alternative...

Study highlights 'uncomfortable truth' about racism in the job market

Racialized workers in Ontario are significantly more likely to be concentrated in low-wage jobs and face persistent unemployment and earnings gaps compared to white employees -- pointing to the "uncomfortable truth" about racism in the job market,...


Everything we know about gender violence in one new website

A newly launched government website is bringing together all federal programs, research and information related to gender-based violence across...


December 3: Webinar on Supporting and Empowering Women Victims and Survivors with Disabilities

Information from Policy Centre for Victim Issues:  Research shows that persons with disabilities are at increased risk of victimization compared to persons without disabilities. According to Statistics Canada, for example, women...


Foreign caregivers want major reforms to improve conditions, streamline residency

A national coalition of advocacy groups wants major reforms to Canada's foreign caregiver program in hopes of improving working conditions and offering a more reliable path to permanent residency. 

A new ...


Indigenous women kept from seeing their newborn babies until agreeing to sterilization, says lawyer

As a senator calls for a nationwide review of the forced sterilization of Indigenous women, a lawyer representing a proposed class action detailed the women's accounts of being sterilized without proper and informed consent.

"In the throes of...


Police-reported sexual assaults in Canada are up - but most are unsolved

The average number of police-reported sexual assaults spiked in Canada after the emergence of the #MeToo movement last fall — but that hasn't led to an increase in criminal charges. 

After sexual assault allegations against movie...


Ford government disbands Liberals' expert panel to end violence against women

Ontario's Progressive Conservative government has pulled the plug on an expert panel to end violence against women that was established under the Liberals to provide strategic advice on policies.

Community and Social Services Minister Lisa...

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