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'Changing lives through law' goal of new outreach program for Indigenous youth in Thunder Bay

A Canadian charity, Level, is launching an education and mentorship program at a Thunder Bay elementary school to help children, between the ages of 11 and 14, learn more about the justice system, and maybe even consider a career in law.



Ontario government cuts tuition fees by 10%, eliminates free tuition for low-income students

Ontario has eliminated free tuition for low-income students as it attempts to trim a multibillion-dollar deficit, a move that – despite an accompanying tuition...


Landlord illegally collected $5K in rent from college students while listing their rooms on Airbnb

A student at Humber College in Toronto is warning others to know their rights after she and her roommates found out their landlord was collecting thousands of dollars in rent from them while subletting their rooms and listing them...


Minister hopes national standards will stop sexual violence on campuses

The federal minister for women and gender equality will meet Wednesday in Montreal with a newly appointed advisory committee tasked with developing a blueprint for how Canada’s colleges and universities should prevent and respond to gender-based...


Openness Resources - Adoption Council of Ontario

This section of the Adoption Council of Ontario's website covers openness and open adoption, providing information and resources on the benefits and challenges of openness. 


Lawsuit over youth placed in solitary confinement in Ontario allowed to proceed

A lawsuit against the Ontario government on behalf of juvenile inmates placed in solitary confinement has been certified as a class action at an uncontested hearing.

In a decision on Dec. 17, Superior Court Justice Paul Perell certified the...


Activists urge shutdown of Ontario sex-ed curriculum in legal challenge

A civil liberties group, a teachers union and a queer mother asked a court Wednesday to shut down Ontario’' new sex-education curriculum, in a legal challenge with no direct precedent in Canada.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association, joined...


Advocates for students with disabilities call on Ontario to stop school exclusions

Autism advocates in Ontario are calling on the province to remove a principal's power to exclude students from school for an indefinite period, saying it is being misused as a disciplinary measure that disproportionately targets children with...

Little to no proof police carding has effect on crime or arrests: Ontario report

Police street checks widely known as carding have little to no value as a law enforcement tool and should be significantly limited across Ontario, a judge tasked with reviewing the practice said Monday.

The report from Justice Michael Tulloch...


December 8: Just The Facts: Ontario's Sex Ed Curriculum

Information from Toronto Science Policy Network: Ontario's provincial government is currently in the midst of building a new Health and Physical Education curriculum, which includes subjects such as mental health, sexual health...

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