Can your client make a claim for compensation under the Schedule 1 Class Action

Can your client make a claim for compensation under the Schedule 1 Class Action Settlement?

Recorded on July 13, 2016 - Some of your clients may be able to make claims under the settlement of this class action lawsuit, Clegg v. Ontario.  The lawsuit dealt with abuse of people who lived at twelve institutions operated by the province of Ontario. These are often referred to as Schedule 1 institutions, because they were designated to provide services to persons with disabilities under Schedule 1 of the former Developmental Services Act, or predecessor legislation. The Developmental Services Act has been replaced by the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act.

The lawsuit recently settled and former residents can now claim compensation, but there are timelines for completing various steps in the process. This webinar, presented by ARCH Disability Law Centre, gives an overview of who might be affected, what steps are involved in the claims process, and where and how to access assistance for clients who wish to make claims.

**Note: This claims process is similar to that used for settlements related to three other Schedule 1 facilities, the Huronia, Rideau and Southwestern Regional Centre class actions. However some key aspects are different.

Please note that ARCH is assisting persons with disabilities with the claims process. Please check ARCH’s website for information on how you can book an appointment for a person who may be eligible to make a claim. Since the recording of this webinar, we have confirmed that institutional file request can also be made by email to:

Please note: This webinar is available in French at:

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