Student Legal Aid Services Societies (SLASS)

Ontario's community legal clinics provide information, advice, and representation on various legal issues, including social assistance, housing, refugee and immigration law, employment law, human rights, workers' compensation, and the Canada Pension Plan. Some legal clinics do not handle all of these issues, but staff may be able to refer you to someone who can help. Community legal clinics are staffed by lawyers, community legal workers, and sometimes law students. All help is private and confidential and provided free of charge.

Student Legal Aid Services Societies (SLASS), funded by LAO, operate out of Ontario's seven law schools and are listed below. With the supervision of full time lawyers, volunteer law students provide legal advice and represent clients in cases such as:

  • minor crimes
  • landlord and tenant
  • immigration
  • tribunals, including the Ontario Human Rights Commission

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Community legal clinics are funded by Legal Aid Ontario. To find out more about Legal Aid Ontario's other services see: Services by type - Legal Aid