Find out about family caregiver leave

People take family caregiver leave to care for or support a family member who has a serious medical condition.

You may be able to take up to 8 weeks of family caregiver leave in a calendar year. This means between January 1 and December 31.

Who is a family member

Family caregiver leave applies to the following family members:

  • your spouse, including a common-law or same-sex partner
  • your child or your spouse's child, including a stepchild or foster child
  • the spouse of your child, including a stepchild or foster child
  • your brother or sister
  • your parent or your spouse's parent, including a step-parent or foster parent
  • your grandparent or your spouse's grandparent, including a step-grandparent
  • your grandchild or your spouse's grandchild, including a step-grandchild
  • a relative who depends on you for care or assistance

What you need to show your employer

You need a medical certificate from a doctor, nurse, or psychologist that says that your family member has a serious medical condition.

The certificate does not have to say what the medical condition is.

You may need