Windsor legal clinic part of province's plan to fight human trafficking

September 29, 2017

Legal Assistance of Windsor will benefit from provincial support for specialized services for human trafficking survivors.

The University of Windsor clinic has already been assisting people caught up in trafficking for years, but coordinator of social work services Shelly Gilbert said the boost will allow it to enhance what it can offer.

"We will be able to staff our services that help people to deal with crisis, trauma support and also obtain housing and their basic needs, which is so crucial for trafficked people because they are fleeing really violent and dangerous circumstances," she explained.

Trafficking an issue across Ontario

Minister of Community and Social Services Helena Jaczek and Minister of the Status of Women Indira Naidoo-Harris announced 45 projects aimed at ending human trafficking Thursday.

"Human trafficking is a brutal crime that robs people of their safety and livelihood and often leads to devastating, long-lasting trauma. It is so important to have specialized services that meet the needs of survivors," stated Naidoo-Harris in a media release, adding the efforts of community partners will help people access services and begin to rebuild their lives.

Gilbert said she's not sure of the exact dollar figure her organization will be granted, but said any support is needed.

"This is an issue in Windsor as it is in other cities across the province and across the country," she said. "It's very significant for young people, women, children, minorities and newcomers."

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