Toronto's Advocacy Centre for the Elderly offers tips to prevent abuse

February 9, 2017
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Inside Toronto

From an article in Elder abuse – it can happen to anyone.

Trust your instincts. Ask questions. Protect yourself, and help others.

Lawyer Judith Wahl shared that advice Monday, as well as insights from her nearly four-decade career, 32 years of it as executive director of downtown Toronto-based Advocacy Centre for the Elderly, Canada's first legal clinic for the elderly.

"It can happen to any one of us," Wahl told approximately 100 women during her Stop the Violence elder abuse talk at a Canadian Federation of University Women Etobicoke Valentine's breakfast in support of Ernestine's Women's Shelter in Etobicoke.

"Be informed. Ask questions. Don't hesitate to ask, 'why?' Bring issues to people who can effect change, like management in a care home. If something doesn't sound right or feel right, take the time to think about it, and ask questions."

During Wahl's ACE tenure, the community legal clinic for low-income seniors across Ontario has taken on cases, including:

  • Denial of government pension benefits or services
  • Poor care in long-term care homes or other seniors' residences
  • Inappropriate use of Power of Attorney given to a relative or friend
  • Money or property taken by someone in a position of trust or authority without consent
  • Refusal by a retirement home to allow a resident to return from hospital because they say a person needs too much care

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