Proposed rules aim to address 'competing interests' for short-term rentals in Toronto

November 9, 2017
Article Source
Global News

Potential rules for licensing short-term rentals in Toronto were finally put to paper after city staff released new recommendations on Wednesday.

"We approached this work really looking at a set of principles," Tracey Cook, executive director Municipal Licensing and Standards said.

"How does the city balance the various competing interests that people have who want to participate in short-term rentals, both from a visitor and from a provider.

"When we approached the regulation, it was about being permissive to allow people to rent homes for short periods, but being very mindful that we need to mitigate the impacts that can occur in our neighbourhoods," she said.

Recommendations include a new land-use definition which permits rentals that are less than 28 days, however, they would only be permitted in the city if the rental is a principal residence.

"They will be permitted in any residential zone or in the residential component of a mixed-use building," Gregg Lintern, the city's acting chief planner said.

A secondary report from licensing and standards said rental companies and operators would also have a number of rules that they would need to comply with.


The proposed rules include a cap of 180 nights a year for rentals of an entire dwelling, but for those looking to rent out a portion of their principal residence, there will be no such limit.

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