Ontario health ministry keeps secret list of high risk long-term care homes

January 10, 2018
Article Source
Ottawa Citizen

Numerous Ottawa long-term care homes could be on a secret government list of facilities considered "medium risk" or "high risk" but it's impossible to know how many or which homes, because the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is staying quiet. 

Ontario rates long-term care homes by risk, with about 90 per cent considered low risk. In the past year, it has revised its system of inspecting long-term care homes to focus greater attention on those it classifies as high or medium risk.

A home's risk level is determined by its record for complying with, or violating, the provincially mandated rules that govern long-term care.

Despite pressure from the provincial auditor general to "provide the public with better information for decision-making on long-term care homes," the ministry has refused to release information about which of Ottawa's 27 long-term care homes are considered high or medium risk, saying it plans to make more information available online so people can compare the performance of long-term care homes.

It has not said when that will be.

Several Ottawa long-term care homes have been in the news in the past year for serious incidents and repeated failures to comply with provincial legislation. They include the city-run Garry J. Armstrong facility, where the assault of an elderly, disabled resident by a support worker was caught on video. This newspaper has also reported that there have been at least 163 cases of abuse reported in Ottawa long-term care homes since 2012.

While the ministry's list is kept secret, clues to which Ottawa care homes are considered high or medium risk are contained in ministry inspection reports. 

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