November 7: Advocate or Adversary? Understanding your Lawyer's Role, Thunder Bay

October 26, 2017

Information from Northwestern Ontario Women's Centre: Dealing with lawyers at a difficult time can sometimes be frustrating. This session hopes to shed some light on why lawyers say what they say and act the way they do. This can help you better understand, and, be better understood by your lawyer. It can also help you determine if your lawyer’s actions are working in your favour.

  • What does a family law case or VAW case look like from your lawyer's perspective?
  • The strategic angle: What parts of your narrative do lawyers emphasize/downplay? Why?
  • Realistic expectations: What a lawyer can and can't do for you? What are reasonable timeframes, communications?
  • How to prepare ahead to get the most out of your time with your lawyer.
  • Signs that the relationship with your lawyer is ineffective or breaking down.
  • What can you do if this happens? Should you obtain a new lawyer if you’re are on a legal aid certificate? What happens to your records?
  • Time for Q & A

Presented By: 

  • Caycie Soke, Staff Lawyer - Kinna-aweya Legal Clinic 
  • Lauren Conti, Lawyer - Henderson Family Law

This information session is FREE & open to ALL members of the community

Child care vouchers and bus tickets can be requested upon registration

TO RESERVE A SEAT or for more information:

(807) 345-7802or or stop by the Northwestern Ontario Women's Centre at 184 Camelot St.

Event Information:

When: Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Where: Waverly Library Auditorium, 285 Red River Road, Thunder Bay P7B 1A9

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