June 22: Early termination by tenants experiencing domestic or sexual violence – issues and implications

June 7, 2017

Information from HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (HALCO): In September 2016 the Residential Tenancies Act was amended to allow tenants experiencing domestic or sexual violence or abuse to end their tenancies with less than the usual amount of notice. The provisions are complex, and many unanswered questions have been raised about their meaning and effect.

In this session a panel of experts will explore issues such as:

  • Implications and risks for departing tenant as witness, party, or complainant in criminal, family, or child protection proceedings
  • Situations not covered; e.g., abusive roommate, stalker whom tenant did not have a relationship with, elder abuse unless abuser is both a relative and resident of the unit
  • Interaction with family law issues; e.g., possession of matrimonial home, custody
  • Financial impact on remaining tenant(s)
  • Remedies for remaining tenant(s) based on contract or allegation that provision used improperly
  • Enforcing landlords’ privacy obligations, remedies for bad references from landlord
  • Effect on landlords’ selection of tenants perceived to be at risk of abuse or violence
  • Potential loss of housing subsidy, access to fast-track waiting lists or portable housing benefit

The panel will be followed by an open discussion allowing all participants to share knowledge, insights and strategies.

Due to the tentative state of the law on many of these issues, we will not record the session. Our hope is that the discussion will help inform and enhance effective client services such as referrals, advice, representation, and public legal education.

This session is for community legal clinic staff and students, private bar, and legal staff of organizations providing services to tenants or to victims of violence or abuse.

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Event Information:

When: Thursday, June 22, 2017, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. ET

Where: 55 University Ave., Toronto, 15th floor, and remotely via webinar