ISAC's Media & Policy News: 15 June 2018

June 15, 2018

The Income Security Advocacy Centre's bulletin includes news, updates, reports, and events from Ontario, across Canada, and around the world.

Top stories include:

Ontario Election

The Next Four Years: An Ontario election post-mortem:

Ontario election results 2018: Poll-by-poll riding vote map:

Ontario Premier-designate Doug Ford takes office June 29:

Premier-designate Doug Ford names his transition team:

Choosing cabinet, picking office space, hiring assistants: PC transition to power underway:

Doug Ford has lots of choices in assembling first PC government since 2003:

Wynne hopes Ford changes rules to give Ontario Liberals official party status:

Doug Ford’s PC government will move on these five promises quickly:

Doug Ford has won Ontario’s election. What happens now?

Pencils to paper: Doug Ford to tender bids for all government operations:

Doug Ford will recall Legislature to end York strike, cut gas prices:

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