'Eviction by another name': tenants protest rent increases by Parkdale landlord

March 16, 2017
Article Source
Yahoo News

About 50 tenants who live at MetCap Living Management buildings in Toronto have gathered to picket outside of the company's head office downtown on Thursday to protest rent increases.

Cole Webber, a worker at Parkdale Community Legal Services, says the rent increases are all part of the wave of gentrification sweeping the community. MetCap Living owns 19 buildings in Parkdale.

"For people on fixed-income, these rent increases are an eviction by another name," Webber said. "The bigger issue is the displacement of working class and immigrant tenants from Parkdale." 

He described MetCap Living as "Parkdale's biggest, most notorious landlord."

Webber has been helping people who live in MetCap Living apartments fight the landlord's rent increases. The property management company is seeking rent increases that are three per cent above the provincial guideline at four of its Parkdale buildings.

Bogus eviction notices common

Many of its tenants are seniors, newcomers on fixed incomes and original tenants from the 1970s who pay a rent capped at around $800 dollars a month. But over the past couple of years, Webber has noticed an exodus of long term tenants. 

"Bogus eviction notices are common," he said. "People will get a notice indicating that they are being evicted when the rent is late when they actually have paid. Tenants will make requests and often times the issue is not dealt with and the property managers will blame the tenants for not following the process properly."

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