Basic Income Pilot Consultations – Key Issues for People on OW and ODSP

January 9, 2017

Information from Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC): Are you planning on attending a consultation on the government's Basic Income Pilot Project? Do you plan to respond to their survey or send in your thoughts by email?

ISAC and the ODSP Action Coalition have created a list of key issues that you can use to help respond to the questions being asked. This is an update of a preliminary document created and circulated in November 2016.

Four community consultation sessions have already taken place, in Hamilton, Toronto, and Sudbury. The next session is scheduled for January 9 (tonight) in Kingston.

Also, the ODSP Action Coalition, with the support of the Regent Park Community Food Centre (CFC) and the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario (SSO), are preparing a Community Facilitator's Guide for those who wish to conduct their own consultation meetings in their communities.

The Facilitator’s Guide is intended to assist people on Ontario Works (OW) and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) to participate meaningfully in Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot consultations.

  • The Community Facilitator’s Guide will be available for download soon at the Coalition’s website here:

The provincial government is consulting about its Basic Income Pilot throughout the month of January. The deadline for providing feedback is January 31.

A list of meeting dates and locations for the sessions being held across the province is here:

Go to this link to register to attend a session:

NOTE that some of the locations for the sessions have been changed. Check the list for more information.

You can also complete an online survey, or you can send in your comments by email. Information about those avenues to have your say is available here:

Basic Income Pilot Consultations – Key Issues for People on OW and ODSP