New project targets violence against women in newcomer communities

April 8, 2008
Article Source
Springtide Resources

Springtide Resources has announced a three-year project to build community capacity to implement a range of culturally and linguistically appropriate responses to violence against women.

Springtide will recruit eight to 10 people who self-identify as newcomer, immigrant or refugee women (regardless of status) to become Community Leaders. Community Leaders will go through comprehensive training on community development and violence against women issues. This training will build women's knowledge, experience and skills which will assist them when working with their communities.

Community Leaders will choose one specific community they would like to work with, and will work with this community to develop and implement ways to better prevent and respond to violence against women issues. At the end of the three-year project, a symposium will be held for each participating community to share what they did and what they learned.

There is a link below to a PDF of the complete announcement.

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